Complete Pool Care

Perma Salt
Complete Pool Care System

The Perma Salt System uses a natural synergy for a holistic 
    approach to water maintenance.  Using a combination of 
    synergistic technologies, it is the only cost effective, every 
    2 week program with algae free results on the market

    The system chamber disperses natural minerals into the water including copper and silver, that serve as natural algaecides.  By simply adjusting the dial, the natural mineral levels can be modified and maintained to their optimal levels.

For simplicity and maximum benefit, these natural minerals are then complemented by a specially blended family of ancillary products.
PreparatePreparate is the initial treatment used to prepare the water for the Perma Salt System. Preparate is a Sodium based Salt that is enhanced with not only Borates, but also metal removers and cyanuric acid. The Sodium Salts provide a medium through which the Perma Salt minerals may disperse. The metal removers eliminate counter-productive metals found in the normal water supply. By eliminating these interfering metals, the natural minerals produced by the Perma Salt Chamber will be more effective. The cyanuric acid, which works in conjunction with Activate, prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight. Borates remove Carbon Dioxide from the water. All plant based life, such as algae, requires Carbon Dioxide to live and by removing it, algae cannot grow while the natural minerals are built up to the desired levels. By adding Preparate at the beginning of every season we are able to keep all of the other chemical levels to a minimum, thus simplifying a very effective process.

Activate:  Shocking a swimming pool is always necessary.  By an effective use of natural minerals and the start up “kit”, Preparate, it is only necessary to shock every other week.  Activate combines both, DiChlor and Oxone. DiChlor is a very strong, fast acting, but short-lived bacteria-stat.  Oxone is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent that strips away chloramines and other contaminants killed by Dichlor. These two products are the most widely used shocks available on the market, but Activate uniquely blends these two chemicals together for maximum effectiveness.  Adding Activate to the swimming pool twice a month makes pool maintenance less time consuming.

Klairate: Klairate is a natural enzyme water clarifier.  A common cause of water cloudiness and scum lines on swimming pools are tanning oils and lotions.  As opposed to coagulate clarifiers that may clog the filter, natural enzymes attack and eliminate oils and other contaminants in the water to maintain water clarity while minimizing filter maintenance.  Add Klairate every other week and watch the pool sparkle!


Replacing The Chamber: When the "chamber" light comes on, it is time to replace your chamber.  A number of factors will determine the life expectancy of the chamber such as pool size, weather, and usage.  On average, the chamber will last approximately one season on most pools.

The Perma Salt System offers such advanced technology that it is truly a low maintenance system; set the dial, relax and enjoy your pool! Just remember to test your water weekly.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Perma Salt System is easy to use and safe for kids, pets, your swimming pool, AND THE PLANET!

Keep it Blue- Do it Green!     

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