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Preparate is the initial treatment used to prepare the water for the Perma Salt System. Preparate is a Sodium based Salt that is enhanced with not only Borates, but also metal removers and cyanuric acid. The metal removers eliminate counter-productive metals found in the normal water supply. 



Initiate w Bag 2_edited.png

Initiate is a Sodium DiChlor product. DiChlor is a very strong, fast acting, but short-lived bacteria-stat. This ¾ lb. bag of shock is the only chlorine product that is used in the program.



Winterate is a specially engineered chemical blend that is used when winterizing a pool that uses the Perma Salt System. It is an all-in-one winterizing “kit” that does not require anything additional to close a pool down for the winter.

Reactivate w Bag_edited.png

ReActivate is a potassium monopersulfate product, commonly referred to as non-chlorine shock or Oxone. Oxone is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent that strips away chloramines and other contaminants killed by Dichlor. Initiate and ReActivate are rotated every other week to eliminate contaminants from the water.


Klairate w Bottle 2_edited.png

Klairate is a natural enzyme water clarifier. A common cause of water cloudiness and scum lines on swimming pools are tanning oils and lotions. As opposed to coagulate clarifiers that may clog the filter, natural enzymes attack and break down oils and other contaminants in the water to maintain water clarity while minimizing filter maintenance. Add Klairate every other week and watch the pool sparkle!

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